Building strong brands – a nudge to the next level of profitability

The aim of growing a strong brand is to optimise margin. The strongest brands in the world understand the cultural, spiritual and economic framework that underpins customer choice. A strong brand delivers utility beyond function: it meets the emotional needs of customers.

Successful companies align business processes and communications to the brand, and success stems from clear communication of ‘why the company is in the market,’ not ‘what the company does’. People don’t buy what you do but why you do it.

Branding is about knowing who we are, having a sense of our own individuality and of where we belong. We feel happier and better about ourselves when we belong to a community of like minded beings. And, the best brands tap into and embody these tribal archetypes. We display who we are through the brands we choose.

Growing profitability depends upon unequivocally delivering against customer expectation. To do this companies must identify and meet the emerging needs of customers. For further thoughts on this subject contact